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First established as a fruit farm in 1954, and with our first vineyard planted in 1985, we have been operating a family business on the same patch of land for more than six decades.

In 2008, nearly sixty years after his parents, Grace & Lambert Hunse, first purchased the property, Hank Hunse returned to run the family business. Since taking on this role, Hank’s vision for the business has been to create an environment of innovation. And out of that vision came the motivation to create the country’s best-tasting hard apple cider.

Setting out to make the best cider Canada has ever produced? This was a tall task. Throughout the process, Hank was adamant that one constant remain: ours is a family business, and everyone on the team is part of that family. Collaboration would be key to innovation.

And so the process began. The cider would need to be what Canadians love: not too dry, not too sweet, and made from all-natural ingredients. It would have to be sparkling, not flat, as this would be a drink worthy of celebration. We would need to embrace new technologies and processes, making our cider differently from other manufacturers. We would need to embrace our home, Niagara-on-the-Lake, wine country, this land and its community.

It was the summer of 2014 when the first pint of Shiny Apple Cider was poured. A crisp, sparkling, perfectly-balanced premium cider. Innovative thinking and processes had resulted in a product unlike any cider on the Canadian market.

In the years since, every cider that’s been produced for the Shiny Apple portfolio has embraced these same principles of premiumness and innovation.

This is Shiny Apple Cider, 65 years in the making.